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# Project Category Tracker Subject Status Priority Assignee
90 KiTeX Bug Server connection does not work. In Progress Normal Actions
77 KiTeX Bug small issues New Normal Actions
76 KiTeX Bug Keyboard crashes if permissions are not granted Closed Normal Actions
73 KiTeX Feature Autocompletion for closing brackets and common commands New Normal Actions
72 KiTeX Feature Show feedback about pressed key Closed Minor Actions
71 KiTeX Bug Equation images are not saved in an own folder Closed Blocker Actions
70 KiTeX Feature Create icon and stuff Closed Major Actions
69 KiTeX Bug Server should use real math environment, not $ $ Closed Major Actions
68 KiTeX Feature Fill about page Closed Critical Actions
67 KiTeX Feature Add button to rediirect to keyboard settings Closed Normal Actions
66 KiTeX Bug Key placing (margin left/right) is weired New Minor Actions
65 KiTeX Feature Release to Google Play Closed Normal Actions
64 KiTeX Bug Server is slow Closed Blocker Actions
63 KiTeX Feature User should be able to select default environment (equation/align/...) Closed Minor Actions
62 KiTeX Bug Default environment should be math environment Closed Normal Actions
61 KiTeX Bug Ask for permission to write to external storage Closed Blocker Actions
60 KiTeX Bug Share fallback does not work Closed Normal Actions
59 KiTeX Bug Test text field does not accept images Closed Normal Actions
58 KiTeX Bug More Logging Closed Major Actions
56 KiTeX Bug Shift does not return to non-caps after clicking another button Closed Normal Actions
55 KiTeX Bug Deleting selection does not work Closed Normal Actions
54 KiTeX Feature Copy code to clipboard after compilation Closed Normal Actions
51 KiTeX Feature Add QWERTZ/QWERTY switch / make it work Closed Normal Actions
50 KiTeX Feature Rethink keyboard design Closed Normal Actions
49 KiTeX Bug Use own LaTeX server/service Closed Blocker Actions
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